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We value our customer's experience at Tysons Family Care and Acupuncture Clinic
Below are some client testimonials we wanted to share.

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He is a great doctor!!

"Dr. Tang is amazing and truly interested in making sure you heal. I was in severe pain due to herniated discs from a car accident and he helped me get from severe to no pain within 2 weeks time. He is a great doctor!!"

Annie S.

I am so grateful for this healing.

"I have no words to describe the positive changes that I am seeing in my body. The best way to put it is as if my body was a dress stuck in the attic full of dust, and then miraculously the dust dissapears. Now I don't understand how the acupuncture works or how he is able to decipher my maladies by looking at my tongue but I do not understand the fundamentals of gravity and yet I benefit from it. I am so grateful for this healing. Thank you, Dr. Tang. You are giving me my life back."

Kathryn T.

I tell everyone how great it is there.

"I hurt my back in March, so badly that I was bent over at a 90-degree angle. His treatments have gotten me to where it's about 99% (at my work I have to sit at a computer for 8 hours, which doesn't help). I started out by going twice a week, now we're just doing maintenance and I go once a week, and will continue to do so. The ambiance is relaxing. They're also very efficient with insurance. I tell everyone how great it is there."

Larry J.

I highly recommend Dr. Tang.

"I was at an office next to Dr. Tang's for an appointment, and was strongly attracted to Dr. Tang's practice when I saw him sign. Upon walking in, I was immediately struck by the ambiance of his office. I felt it a soothing repose, as it's calming décor and music felt to me like an oasis of healing. I introduced myself to Dr. Tang to inquire if he could help me with my back and neck pain. That was 8+ years ago, and I have been a patient of his since, when needed.

I had, in previous years, neck fusion due to an accident, leaving me with metal and screws from C-4 to C-7. I also have arthritis and degeneration of disks in my low back lumber. All of which became very painful throughout the years.. Dr. Tang, has administered acupuncture, chiropractic, cupping and moxa to me many times. He not only helped with the pain through the treatments, but also advised me on supplements, herbs, exercise, and therapy tools, so that I could do my part in regards to the healing process.

He has helped me over the years with various other issues, both physical as well as emotional. I have had several injuries, falls, and emotionally life shattering occurrences. He follows the holistic belief that body, mind, and spirit must be included as a whole entity, and treated accordantly.

His treatments have been invaluable to me. I have referred others to him, and will continue to do so. Some of whom tell me they are afraid of needles or chiropractic adjustments. I tell them there is no pain in the acupuncture needles, nor in the physical adjustments. There is however much relief. The ones that have listened to me and have made appointments. wholeheartedly agree and even thank me for my advise.

I highly recommend Dr. Tang. In his initial consultation he evaluates conditions and speaks honestly about what he can and can't do to help. Sometimes the healing is a process that takes time and following up. But the rewards are more than worth it!"

Dawn L.

One-on-one patient care from start to finish

"Tang Holistic Chiropractic & Acupuncture gives great service. One-on-one patient care from start to finish. I was treated for upper & lower extremity and within couple of months I was feeling much better and pain free."

Kamla R.

I'm finally free from back-pain

"39 years ago I felt down on my back. Since this time I had almost permanent pain in the back, I could not take an air, and because of this I always was slow in movements and quite often was tired. During those years I asked a few chiropractors for help, but no one could change my situation. I came to Dr. Tang with another patient, but seeing as he was working with him I asked if Dr. Tang could try to help me with 39 years back problem. Well. It's almost unbelievable, but after only 4 sessions I'm finally free from back-pain. Now I am recommending Dr. Tang to all my friends. THANK YOU, DOCTOR."

Diana L.

He listens to you and adapts his treatment accordingly.

"My care from Tang Holistic changed my life for the best! Dr. Tang is thorough in making his own assessment before commencing any kind of care, which makes his custom tailored treatment plans yield outstanding results for his patients, and yes, I speak from experience. He listens to you and adapts his treatment accordingly. With this approach, how can you lose...

After years of ineffective and costly traditional medical care from one of the nation's largest and renowned hospitals and their doctors, his course of treatment was a welcome change. Dr Tang's approach is without measure, the most effective I've experienced in my life, especially after the year I've had of back and forth to the other doctors with no improvement. He truly looks at my treatment holistically, all of me. His office employs state of the art equipment to compliment his hands on approach to patient care.

I'm in the best overall health that I've been in over twenty years! And yet, my journey to improved health is ongoing. So I know I still have room for improvement. I came to Dr. Tang's offices due to compromised respiratory issues, severe back, neck, hip and knee problems, that resulted in an inability to walk, breathe properly and an ongoing lack of sleep. Well, four months later and 45 pounds lighter, I'm walking with only the aid of a cane. This is principally due to my following orders for a tremendously improved gut and rehabilitation exercises for the back, hip, neck, knees, an improved respiratory system and an ever-evolving sustained pattern of sleep.

I believe in Dr. Tang's practice, and I believe in his methods, because they really work!"

Diane N.